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Long weekend in Plovdiv- European capital of Culture 2019


Unearth the wonders of the 6th oldest city in the world, Plovdiv. Plovdiv has over 8000 years of ample history! It is a lively cultural and educational hub with exciting gastronomy.


Plovdiv is situated in the heart of Bulgaria, surrounded by mighty pine-forest-covered mountains and breathtaking nature. It boasts an exquisite winery that exhibits wine-making utensils and appliances found during archaeological excavations that prove that Thracians made and drank wine since as far back as the V or VI century BC.


This is an inspiring and magical setting to reconnect with yourself, find some tranquillity and soak up the local culture. 
Throughout the week we will enjoy traditional Bulgarian cuisine, prepared exclusively from bio- products, and take part in some unique and interesting excursions and activities.


The area is one of the oldest wine terroirs in the world. The research and restoration of archaeological monuments in the region are some of the causes we support because we think that we, as Bulgarians, should be proud to be the heirs of such ancient history, and must do our best to preserve our cultural legacy and popularise it in the country and worldwide.

During our stay you will have the chance to visit some of the event connected with European capital of culture 2019, held in Plovdiv.

Your local host will give loads of details and information about the best restaurants to dine in and sight you could explore in your free time. The local currency is BGN (leva) and the prices are very affordable.



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Long weekend in Plovdiv- European capital of Culture 2019