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Riga, the capital of Latvia, is the pearl of both Latvia and the Baltic. Riga is included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list. 

It is located in the central part of the country, on the south coast of the Gulf of Riga, at the mouth of our largest river, the Daugava. Not only a home to more than 700,000 inhabitants but also the largest city in the Baltic States. So Riga is definitely a great destination for a weekend trip.

Highlights of Riga:

  • An architectural pearl. With a heritage that dates back eight hundred years in terms of its Gothic churches, which were built by Riga’s very founders, medieval buildings of the Old Town, exquisite Art Nouveau structures, and many wooden buildings, Riga becomes a true architectural pearl.
  • Cultural Capital of the Baltics. You could discover a dynamic cultural life. The Latvian National Opera and Ballet gather together artists from all around the world. Concert halls regularly offer classical and popular music concerts.
  • Active recreational activities. Marathons, orienteering in the woods, or taking part in adventure competitions are just some of the activities that one can enjoy in Riga. The abundance of water resources allows many forms of aquatic sports to be pursued. The city centre parks are the perfect place for jogging in summer and skiing in winter.
  • A city for shopping. The Old Town is a perfect place to indulge in leisurely shopping. Small souvenir shops and art galleries have found a place of their own in the narrow streets of the Old Town. You can also visit one of the supermarkets and buy local and foreign brand products.
  • The Baltic gastronomy capital. Riga’s restaurants offer fusion cuisine in which you could experience both Latvian traditional meals and modern, original meals that offer an astonishing combination of flavours, and which take you on an exciting gastronomic journey.
  • Beauty and wellness experiences. Riga is perfectly cut out for providing SPA treatments and beauty procedures that you will enjoy, as a number of salons are located in the centre of Riga. When in Riga, one must enjoy a traditional Latvian bath!

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